8 Tips to Redecorate Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom ready for a makeover? Let our experts at Murray Floor & Window Coverings help you create your dream retreat with overall design ideas, flooring, and custom window treatments in Billings, Montana. We offer multiple types of flooring and Hunter Douglas window fashions.

1. Do things in the right order 

It may be tempting to start your bedroom redo at the paint store, but this really shouldn’t be the first step. Select your window treatments and flooring first, then find a paint color that goes with it. Why? Walls can be repainted, window treatments and flooring cannot.

2. Do you like coziness or cleanliness? 

You will be coming into contact with the flooring more than any other item in your bedroom. You can’t even enter the room without walking on it. So deciding what type of flooring you want is important. If you prefer softness and warmth, select plush carpeting ; if you want something that you can scrub on a regular basis, hardwood flooring or laminate may be better.

3. Think about how often you change décor 

Are you one of those people who like to change things up every year or two? Or do you prefer the comfort of things staying the same? If you like change, consider choosing neutral shades for your windows and neutral flooring. Then add colors and patterns with throw pillows, bedding, and accessories – all things that are less expensive to change.

4. Keep light control and privacy in mind 

When selecting window coverings think about how much coverage you need. If your bedroom faces your 2-acre backyard and you don’t mind the sunrise waking you in the morning, try a screen shade or sheer to minimally cover your window. If you like to sleep late or need to sleep during the day, an opaque roller shade will keep your room dark.

5. Scale is important 

Keep everything from your bed to your accessories within scale. If you have a four-poster bed, don’t use tiny lamps on your nightstands. If your room is small, hang sconces or small lights above the bed for evening light instead of taking over the room with nightstands.

6. Make a small room seem larger 

Use light colored carpeting, walls, and bedding to make a small room feel larger. The horizontal slats of painted blinds can make the room look wider. If your windows are small, hang your window treatments above them to give them more height.

7. Have a theme, but don’t go too far 

Having no sense of direction when it comes to style can result in a room that doesn’t feel cohesive, so have a plan for the look you want to achieve. That being said, don’t go overboard with a certain theme. A coastal-themed bedroom that is stuffed with bears, fishing signs, and deer knick-knacks can start to feel like a woodsy gift shop instead of a bedroom retreat.

8. Do what makes you happy 

It is your bedroom after all.

Murray Floor & Window Coverings is proud to offer Hunter Douglas window coverings, which protect your furnishings and flooring from UV rays, carry a limited lifetime warranty, and are made in the U.S.A.