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Flooring Installation Guide

Things to know before having your new flooring installed.

Please be at home on the day of installation. Because it is difficult to estimate the time of each job, we may not be able to give you a specific time the installer will arrive. You should be present when your floor coverings are installed to ensure correct material, areas of installation, and payment unless prior arrangements have been made. Also, please make sure that all children and pets are out of the areas where the installers will be working.
If you have a scheduled installation and find for whatever reason you need to reschedule please notify Murray Floor & Window Coverings at least 48 hours in advance of installation. Failure to do so will result in a minimum charge.


All furniture should be removed from the affected rooms prior to installation, unless otherwise agreed upon with your Murray consultant.

  • All electronic equipment must be disconnected and removed by the homeowner
  • Remove all valuables, lamps, plants, collectibles, etc.
  • Remove dishes and crystal from hutch cabinets.
  • Completely clear off items from dresser tops.
  • Remove all drawers from furniture.
  • Remove all bedding from bed. Water beds must be emptied and dismantled by homeowner.
  • Empty all closet floors.
Please remember – for your protection as well as ours – if rooms are not cleared before installation, our company cannot be liable for any damage that may occur directly or indirectly while handling your property. There will be an additional charge for moving furniture. Please contact your Murray consultant with questions or concerns.

Appliance Moving

All appliances must be removed when installing new floor coverings. Our installers are able to disconnect and move any electrical appliances. Installers WILL NOT disconnect or reconnect gas ranges, ice makers, dishwashers, radiators, laundry tubs, washers, or gas dryers. If you prefer to disconnect and move the appliances yourself, we do suggest for your safety, to contact the gas company or an appliance company to disconnect and reconnect any gas appliances. We also recommend that a licensed plumber complete any plumbing connections. If you will be moving the appliances yourself, it is suggested you wait at least 24 hours before putting them back in place.

Removal of Old Floor Coverings

We are happy to arrange for the removal of old floor coverings. If you prefer to remove the old floor coverings yourself, we suggest that it be completed at least one day prior to installation to allow for cleanup and floor preparation. All carpet, pads and staples must be removed and the floor swept or vacuumed.


Often, due to room size or layout, areas having floor coverings installed will require seams. All seams have a warranty to be constructed within industry standards, and in a professional manner. Please remember that seams are NOT guaranteed to be invisible.


To install all new floor coverings, particularly in new construction, it is necessary to have the area heated. The room and floor temperature should be at least 68 degrees for at least a minimum of 48 hours before, during and after installation. This is necessary for the adhesives to properly set after the installation and for the carpet or vinyl to be pliable enough to install.

Subfloor Preparation

Before the installation of new flooring over your existing subfloor (wood or concrete), it may be necessary to perform some preparation. During the removal of flooring, appliances, or plumbing fixtures, we may encounter existing water damage to the subfloor. The damaged area must be repaired or replaced before the installation of new products can begin. Since certain conditions cannot be determined prior to the removal of old materials, an extra preparation charge may apply. We will notify you during the removal, if any additional charges may be incurred.

In most cases, a new underlayment is required under vinyl or tile installations. All subfloors must be free of stains, paint, grease, etc. Otherwise these can cause future discoloration in the vinyl floor. We cannot be responsible for this. We recommend that your new underlayment be installed by our installers, thereby providing you with a complete warranty. We cannot be responsible for subfloor materials or installation provided by you or by a third party.


When floor covering is being installed, there is always a possibility that your doors, especially closets, basement stairs, and sliding doors may not clear or swing free after installation.

We will remove the doors in order to complete the installation and will rehang them, provided they fit. We cannot, however, cut the doors to fit. Please arrange for a qualified carpenter to provide this service to you either before or after your new floor covering installation.

Toilets and Pedestal Sinks

Toilets and pedestal sinks must be removed when installing vinyl, ceramic, hardwood or laminate flooring. If you have an unusual toilet or it has been in place for many years, it is advisable to contact your plumber prior to installation day. If there is any evidence of water damage, you will need to contact your plumber. We are not responsible for hidden damage or defective parts, which may become evident upon removal of an existing toilet. Therefore, additional costs may be incurred. If you have any questions, please contact your Murray consultant.

Moldings and Baseboards

Quarter-round or shoe molding must be removed in areas that receive hard surface flooring. Our installers will carefully remove and replace your quarter rounds or shoe moldings, but are not responsible for damage or breakage that may occur due to old, dry or brittle moldings. Our installers do not remove baseboard molding or door casings. Baseboards and door casings may need retouching or staining after installation.

Cleaning Up

Installing floor coverings can create some debris. Most waste materials will be collected and may be placed at your trash collection site. Dust will also be created during installation due to cutting, sanding, etc. Please cover all items you do not want exposed to dust.


Payment for the balance due on your order must be made prior to or upon completion. Make any other arrangements with your Murray Floor & Window Coverings consultant.
Thank you again for selecting Murray Floor & Window Coverings. Your satisfaction with our products, services, and installation is our number one priority.