Natural Stone Flooring

It’s beautiful. It’s evocative. It’s natural solid stone flooring – 300 million years in the making!

Stone flooring has long been considered the flooring material of choice for the privileged and elite. But that is no longer the case. Advances in technology have helped make the labor-intensive process much more affordable and that savings has been passed on to modern day consumers. Since your home is your castle, why not consider stone floors?


The Natural Stone Difference

Natural stone is exactly what the name implies: naturally derived stone. This type of flooring and tile is crafted from natural, mineral derived substances that are then shaped into tiles and pieces that can be installed in homes. Unlike synthetic or manufactured stone products, natural stone is incredibly unique because it comes straight from nature. Marble, limestone, slate, sandstone, and granite are a few of the varying types of natural stones that are available. All of these stones have a distinct look, and along with those physical characteristics also have different properties. These varying properties mean that each type of stone is better for different conditions and locations of use.

Characteristics to Keep in Mind:

  • Absorption Rating
    • Natural stone is porous and therefore it is also absorbent. Some natural materials are less porous than others, but natural stone should still be treated with care depending on its absorption rating. Non-vitreous stone, like sandstone, has the highest absorption, and should not be used in any areas of the home or outside the home where there is moisture. Vitreous stones, like limestone and slate, are less porous and absorbent than others, but should still be used in areas of low traffic because they are susceptible to cracking. And lastly, impervious stone, like granite, is resistant to absorption and will not crack as easily under high-traffic conditions.
  • Grade
    • There are 3 different grades of natural stone: 1, 2, and 3. Grade 1 is high quality, uniform stone, while Grade 3 is majorly flawed material, with chips and cracks, that is usually best suited for accent pieces like a backsplash design.
  • Friction
    • The friction ability of a material is often measured as well. This coefficient number is incredibly important to keep in mind when you are selecting stone in your home. Depending on how much traction a particular type of stone has, it will be better suited for different areas in the home. For example, a highly slippery stone should not be used in the bathroom.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor
    • When it comes to deciding which type of natural stone is best, it is also important to determine if the stone in question is better suited to outdoor or indoor use. Many of the above factors will also help determine this.

Natural Stone Benefits

Natural stone is a great way to make your home design stand out. Natural stone comes straight from the earth and every piece will look slightly different. Natural stone is an eco-friendly material, because these stones are all naturally derived.

Murray Floor & Window Covering

Choosing the right natural stone for your home can seem like a daunting decision. With the varying characteristics of natural stone having such an impact on rather or not the stone is right for your home, ensuring that you know and understand all the characteristics of the stone you want to use is essential. Fortunately, Murray Floor & Window Covering is here to help make the process much simpler. At Murray Floor & Window Covering we can help you choose the right natural stone for your bathroom, kitchen, backsplash, outdoor space, or any area of your home, and then install your product in an efficient and professional manner. Our drive for excellent customer service paired with our expert knowledge of natural stone and natural stone installation, makes Murray Floor & Window Covering your best choice. Contact us for more information or schedule a free in-home shopping appointment today to see your options.

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