Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile: The Basics

Ceramic tiles are currently one of the most popular materials used inside the home. Made from sand, clay, and other natural materials, ceramic tiles are shaped and then kiln-fired to seal them. Ceramic tiles can either be glazed or unglazed, but glazed tiles are by far the more popular option in today’s homes. Because ceramic tiles are so popular, especially as of late, the design and color options for these tiles have increased exponentially, giving homeowners a large selection to complement all types of décor.

Ceramic Tile: The Benefits

First and foremost, ceramic tile is an excellent choice for your home because it will add value when it comes time to sell. Ceramic tile is incredibly durable, especially in comparison to other types of stonework. These tiles are good for many areas of the home, even high-traffic areas, because they are tough and water resistant. They also provide adequate resistance and traction for walking, even when wet, making them ideal for bathrooms. Ceramics come in a wide range of colors and designs, making it easy to find something to match your existing décor. While other types of tile may have colors that fade or wear away with time, use, and chemicals, ceramic tiles will never have this problem. They are treated with the appropriate products before installation to ensure durability and longevity. Ceramic tile is also incredibly easy to install, making your design ideas much easier to achieve.

Ceramic Tile: The Upkeep

Because ceramic tile is so durable, the upkeep of this material is incredibly simple. Unlike other tiles that do not boast the durability that ceramic tile offers, ceramics can be cleaned easily and kept completely sanitary, making them a great option for all areas of a home. Any type of chemical, cleaner, or product can be used on ceramic without the fear of damage. Aside from the ease of cleaning that ceramic tile offers, ceramic tile only has to be treated with sealant once every five years to keep it looking great. While ceramic is much less likely to break or incur damages than other types of materials, when damage does occur, the problem can be repaired quite easily. If the tile does break, repairing the area is as simple as removing the broken area, cleaning up the debris, reinstalling, and then re-grouting the area. In addition to being easy to repair, repairing ceramic tile takes much less time than repairing other materials and is much cheaper.
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