Motorized Window Treatments

We are proud to offer exclusive PowerView® Motorization for a brand new innovative way to operate your Hunter Douglas window fashions.

Enjoy operating your window treatments automatically throughout the day based on your needs and desires.  PowerView® Motorization anticipates your needs and positions your window treatments just where you need it, when you need it, using the PowerView® App or one of our beautiful remotes. We can help you enjoy this new technology so that your beautiful window treatments work even more effortlessly.

With advanced PowerView® Motorization, you can choose to use your remote to open and close your window treatments on command, or set your daily routine to allow your window treatments to open and close all day long without lifting a finger. You will love using your PowerView® Motorization to get the most out of your window treatments. We can provide you with everything you need to use the PowerView® Motorization App and remotes including support and technical advice. Take advantage of our latest motorization technology and see for yourself how easy PowerView® Motorization is. Call us today!

*The PowerView® App and additional equipment required for programmed operation.

Using your smartphone or tablet, you can create “scenes” that are positions and vane settings on one or all of your window treatments. For example you could create a scene called “Wake Up” that raises your window treatments at 7:30 each morning or set them to open at sunrise based on your location and the rising of the sun. Use your imagination and think about the many positions and operations available with your Hunter Douglas window treatments and you can see how helpful this feature truly is. You can open all of the windows in your room and set them at different positions throughout the day. This allows you to control the amount of light you allow into your room and which windows treatments you want to open. The possibilities are limitless.

Besides the modern convenience of completely programmed window treatments, you will enjoy the beautiful look and effortless operation. Cordless window treatments provide the best in child and pet safety. Wireless window treatments look and operate better than ever. You can program them to operate without any supervision or control the operation, as you need it. The choice is yours.

PowerView® Pebble® Scene Controller – Hunter Douglas’ Pebble® Scene Controller features an advanced display screen that allows you to preview and select room Scenes. Using the PowerView® App, you program different combinations of shade and shade positions then activate them with your remote.

Surface Remote – Hunter Douglas’ surface remote is a wall mount version of the remote control. It’s available in black, white or grey. This remote gives you the convenience of touch of a button technology in an easy to access wall switch.

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