Decorating with 8 Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are an excellent way to decorate and enhance the decor in your home. Window treatments add beautiful light diffusion, style, and a feeling of completeness to any design. Hunter Douglas Window Treatments come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 8 products to help you think about the window treatments that might work in your home. For our complete selection of custom window treatments, stop by or call Murray Floor and Window Treatments and we will be happy to show you our complete line.


Sheers and Shadings create beautiful effects with natural, diffused light throughout your entire home. Decorating with these shades is an easy way to make your home appear brighter and more open. Featuring soft, adjustable fabric vanes that appear to be floating between sheer fabrics, these shades will add simplistic beauty to all your windows while still giving you the ability to control your privacy and light filtration levels. Sheers and shadings are a great way to highlight the beauty of your room by enhancing it with natural light.

Honeycomb Shades are incredibly unique in both their design and appearance. These shades have a very distinct look and will add incredible light control to your home. These shades come in a range of colors and patterns for you to choose from and will save you money on heating and cooling costs with their efficient design.

Roman Shades give you freedom in your design choices. Roman shades are perfect if you want to add a bit of dramatic flair to your décor. Roman shades can be customized to accommodate whatever style you have in your home because the fabric options for these shades are almost limitless. You pick the pattern, the color, the light filtration level, and the fold style. Whatever you need to complete your decor, roman shades can provide.

Roller Shades will function well in any room of your home. These shades offer excellent UV protection and a sense of simplicity to your design. Roller shades come in a wide range of colors and prints and thus can be matched to almost any décor. Rather your room needs a bold pop of color or you want to keep things neutral and sheer, roller shades could be the perfect addition. Offering excellent light filtration options and crisp, modern lines, roller shades will not disappoint when it comes to style.

Woven Woods are a very unique style of shade. Woven wood shades are crafted with grasses, reeds, bamboo, and other woods for a beautiful woven design. Add these shades in your home for a touch of organic beauty and watch how the light diffusion transforms your space. Pair these shades with other wooden textures to enhance their beauty or pair them with neutral colors to really make then stand out in your home.


Vertical blinds are great for wide window expanses. These blinds offer a sleek and elegant style for any space and will add drama to your décor. Rather you choose a neutral color or a bold pattern or color, these blinds will really make a statement and make your room appear larger.

Horizontal blinds offer you the most styles to choose from. From wooden to vinyl to aluminum materials, all of the available blinds will add simplistic style that will compliment, not overwhelm, any décor you have in your home. Available in a huge range of colors, stains, and sizes, horizontal blinds give you the ability to choose a blind that fits absolutely perfectly with your décor.


Plantation shutters are the most traditional window treatments available. These hardwood, hybrid, or synthetic shutters allow you to add immediate, sophisticated style to your home. Shutters are bold in their design and will enhance and compliment any space with their elegance, as they effortlessly stand out on their own.

If you have any more questions about available window fashions or decorating in Billings, Montana, contact Murray Floor & Window Coverings today!