Carpet Care and Cleaning

Want to keep your carpet looking brand new? It’s important to follow certain cleaning and maintenance procedures to make sure your carpet retains its original look and feel. Vacuuming is crucial. In addition, it is vital to clean your carpet regularly.

Carpets pick up dirt and debris in many ways, such as dirty shoes, air pollution, and food spills. If you allow this dirt and debris to sit in your carpet fibers, your flooring will begin to fade over time.

Quick Carpet Cleaning Tips:

  • Preventive maintenance is crucial. Place a doormat at your front, back and side entrances to prevent staining.
  • Clean spills and spots fast. Quickly removing spills and spots prevents long term carpet staining. First blot the spill dry with a clean cloth and then use a good spot remover to take out any leftover dye or chemicals.
  • Vacuum clean regularly. You must regularly vacuum the carpet, especially the areas that have high foot traffic so that matting can be prevented.
  • Steam clean at least once per year. Steam cleaning once a year will take care of the dirt or grime that settles over the carpet with time.

Other Important Carpet Care Measures:

Maintain a proper cleaning schedule

It is important to get your carpet cleaned before there is a significant buildup of dirt. Every year to 18 months, make sure that you get your carpets cleaned. Of course, the time-gap would also depend on the activity and how many people are living in your home.

Be careful not to track dirt into your home.

You should place mats outside every entrance to your house so that they can trap excess dirt, and absorb moisture, soil and other particles that would otherwise be carried inside your house. Although guests may wear shoes inside your home, consider whether you would like to have a house rule that asks household members to remove their shoes at the door.

Minimize exposure to direct sunlight.

Your carpet should be protected from long exposure to direct sunlight by using shades, awnings or blinds. Over exposure to the sun causes the carpet to fade over time.

Don't forget to clean your area rugs, too.

If you use an area rug on top of your carpet, make sure that they are also cleaned at regular intervals. Ensure that the carpet’s pile underneath is also restored. After you clean your carpet, you must let it dry entirely before the area rugs are replaced on top of it.

Where Should You Buy Carpet?

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