Is Nylon or Polyester Better?

If you are planning to purchase carpet for your home, some basic points should be considered before you make a decision. There are four key fabrics that are usually used for manufacturing carpets, each having their own unique features and strengths. In this article we will compare nylon and polyester fabrics. A majority of people shopping for carpet usually focus on the fiber and assume that nylon is a better fabric than polyester. Nylon is generally a better performer overall, but is also generally much more expensive. Answering a few questions about where and how your carpet will be used can let you know which option is best for you. Ultimately, your selection should be dependent on which features are most crucial for your home or business.

Types of Carpet Fiber

There are four different types of fiber that are used for manufacturing carpet. These are nylon, wool, polyester, and Olefin. In the United Sates, about 99% of the carpets are made of synthetic fiber like nylon and polyester. Each of these fibers has its pros and cons, which determine how and where such a carpet should be used. You should note that there is no one fiber that is completely perfect. The correct type of carpet is dependent on what a fabric has to withstand, such as different types of abuses including accidental spills, foot traffic, and contaminants from the environment.


Some of the key features of nylon are its versatility, resilience, and durability. Nylon is more costly than other types of synthetic fibers that are used for manufacturing carpets today. It is an extremely strong fiber and it is quite good at creating different types of carpet styles. Some of its key strengths are good stain resistance; it can hold the twist of the yarn and good resistance to abrasion. Nylon is known to be a very strong fabric and is a great choice for all those areas that have to withstand heavy foot traffic, commercial facilities or active households.


Polyester has its own strength as a carpet fabric. If you are looking for an excellent fade and stain resistant fabric that is pocket-friendly, then polyester is the ideal choice for you. For instance, imagine that you have accidentally spilled hair dye on your three month old carpet that is made of polyester. Even stubborn stains such as these are known to have been removed by cleaning a polyester carpet using water and laundry detergent. Nylon carpets are more resilient than polyester, but polyester can give good performance if the construction is good, for a lower price. So, if you are picking up a polyester fabric for your home, make sure that you select one with medium to high level density and higher pile. This would ensure that your polyester carpet lasts for a long-time and retains its original appearance. Usually the carpet samples have a durability rating on the back that would help you to decide how well a carpet can perform in high traffic areas.

So, the main takeaway of this discussion would be that you should choose the fabric for your carpet based on your actual requirements and priorities. A hallway or your family room is an active part of your household and may need a high-performance carpet made of nylon. On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly carpet, then go for a carpet made of PET polyester, preferably a multicolored one so that soil and traffic can be hidden easily. If you are living in Billing, Montana or the surrounding area, make sure that you purchase your carpet at a reputable company like Murray Floor and Window Coverings that has authentic and high-quality polyester and nylon carpets. Our friendly sales associates will assist you in deciding which material is right for your carpet purchase.