Carpet Styles and Options

Types of Carpet

Carpet is categorized by type of pile. There are three to choose from: cut pile, loop pile, and cut and loop pile. Cut pile is the most common type of carpet. Berbers (loop pile) have slowly gained popularity in the last decade. On the other hand, the usage of cut & loop carpet has significantly declined.


Cut Pile

Cut Pile is a carpet type that is manufactured when the woven loops are cut so that they are of equal height. The woven tufts are slightly fluffy so they get a soft and dense appearance. They can be further divided into four subcategories; Saxony, Frieze, textured Saxony, and Cable. Saxony carpets give a soft and plush feel. Frieze carpets offer a greater twist than the textured ones. A textured carpet, on the other hand, is casual in appearance and shows less wear and tear compared to other carpet styles. Cable carpets are luxurious, extremely comfortable and very beautiful. However, it can become crushed and matted if the foot traffic is very heavy.


Loop Pile

All carpets actually start from being loop piles or uncut fibers (loops). These carpets known as Berber, are normally used for commercial carpets. Such carpets can have low or high loops, a surface that is smooth or varied, thus making them have a textured look. These carpets are typically manufactured from wither nylon or olefin fibers. They are multi-color carpets that are made by blending various types of colored fibers. This, in turn, helps in hiding soiling and traffic patterns. Loop pile carpets are made out of yarns which are looped and are great for all those areas in your house that need to withstand high-traffic. 


Cut and Loop

The cut and loop pile is a combination of cut and intact loops. This is a type of carpet that offers quite a few interesting patterns due to variation in the texture of the surface. These carpets are also called “cut & uncut” or “sculptured carpets”. This carpet can hide foot traffic quite well and is available in a variety of surface finishes. Although currently not as popular, this type of pile can offer a wider selection for decorative purposes.



Another important decision is whether to use Nylon or Polyester material. Although both are good options, generally Nylon is the highest overall performer. Nylon fares best in areas of style, color, soil and stain resistance and texture retention but Nylon cost sometimes three times as much as Polyester, so you have to weigh the price versus how much wear ability is necessary.

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