Ceramic Tile Flooring Info

Ceramic tile has been used for many years in home design; from floor to ceiling ceramic tile makes for a beautiful choice in the home. Ceramic tile is durable, easy to clean, can be installed in many unique eye-catching ways, and will remain beautiful and functional for a long time. Here at Murray Floor and Window Coverings, your best choice for ceramic tile flooring in Billings, Montana, we want to show you the benefits of ceramic tile flooring and why it could be the perfect fit for your home.

How Ceramic Tile are Made

Ceramic tiles are made from inorganic materials that are shaped into thin slabs and then hardened with the process of oven fire glazing in a kiln. Ceramic tile has been around for thousands of years, some ceramic tiles were even found in the ruins of ancient Rome and the tombs of ancient Egypt. To say the least, ceramic tile is strong and incredibly durable. It is strong enough to withstand commercial use, will not scratch, will not stain, will not fade, and will not require any outrageous maintenance costs. Along with these other strengths ceramic tile is completely water resistant and unlike other tiles, ceramic tile can be shaped to form a slip resistant surface when wet. This slip resistance makes ceramic tile an ideal choice for any area of your home, because water will not be a safety issue.

How To Clean Ceramic Tile

In addition to being durable, ceramic tiles are incredibly easy to clean and sanitary. Because ceramic tile is so durable and water resistant, cleaning is a breeze. You can clean ceramic tile with just about any type of cleaning product and not have to worry about the deterioration of the tile. The only concern some cleaners pose is leaving a residue. Along with being easy to clean ceramic tile is also incredibly sanitary. Because ceramic tile does not absorb outside materials, you do not have to worry about germs and bacteria penetrating your tile and posing a safety risk for you or your family. Another sanitary benefit of ceramic tile is that it contains no volatile organic compounds that could otherwise pose a variety of health problems because of the process by which ceramic tile is made.

Designed For Elegance Or Casual Flooring

Aside from these benefits stated above, ceramic tile offers you incredible design variety. Small modifications to the ingredients of the tile can lead to a huge variety of appearances from tile to tile. In addition to the color ranges you are offered with ceramic tile, ceramic tile comes in two forms, porcelain and non-porcelain. Both of these types of ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tile can be finished with a matte, semi-gloss, or a high gloss finish depending on what fits your style preference. While non-porcelain ceramic tile will offer more bold color options for you to choose from, it is also easier to work with than porcelain, though a bit less durable. These options allow you to design your room for a elegant appearance or casual depending on your preference and décor.

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