How To Choose The Right Ceramic Tile

Luckily ceramic tile comes in a variety of sizes to fit countless design options and ideas. First, consider the type of surface you are covering. If you’re using ceramic tile for a small wall project, typically smaller mosaic tiles work best. If you’re covering a large space, using wide or large tile is a great choice. However, large tile does make a room appear bigger in size, and if you are looking to open up a smaller room in your home, placing larger ceramic tile for flooring can give it that expanding effect. For most floors, using large tiles to cover a vast area is recommended, however, it doesn’t mean you have to lack in creativity or design. Using a variation of sizes for your floor tiles can create unique patterns and give your home a stylish originality.


A huge decision when selecting any type of permanent décor for your home is the color you want to incorporate, especially when it comes to ceramic tile. Whether you’re placing the ceramic on a wall or floor, the color you choose reflects on the appearance and overall feel of a room. If you’d like to open up your room to make it appear larger, choose a light tile. For the opposite effect, dark colored tile will make a room feel more intimate for a smaller and more cozy atmosphere. If you’re someone who enjoys decorating with colorful accents, a neutral color for your ceramic tile is perfect, giving you the creative freedom to color your room any way and as often as you like. Keep in mind that despite which ceramic tile color you choose, each individual tile, whether man-made or from natural material, will have color variations throughout, making no two tiles the same. While this gives your ceramic tile flooring character and depth, it also can have an effect on the overall color when the floor is finished. It is best to view several pieces of tile together before selecting the proper style for you, as to get an idea of how it will appear when it is spread throughout a room. For help with selecting a color for your ceramic tile flooring in Billings Montana, contact the professionals at Murray Flooring and Window Coverings for their assistance today.

Texture & Grout

When it comes to ceramic tile texture, choosing between a textured or smooth finish can be determined by where you plan to place tile and the look you want to achieve. If you’re tiling a bathroom or kitchen area, it is best to place a textured tile that isn’t as slick when wet. A smoother tile would be slippery in moist or wet areas, and are best suited for common living areas or even bedrooms for easy cleaning and daily use. A textured tile is also great for those who seek a natural stone appearance for their walls or floors. For those who desire a more contemporary and clean appearance, the smooth and glossy tiles are great options. When it comes to your ceramic tile grout, color can make all the difference. If you want your individual tiles to stand out, choose a grout that varies in color from your tile, as this provides a more dramatic appearance. For a cleaner, cohesive and organized look, choose a grout color that is the same as your tile.

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