Why Buy Vinyl Flooring?


For any home owner, cutting costs is always a great option. When it comes to your home, however, you still want the most up-to-date look without the high price tag. If cost is a concern, vinyl flooring is your best solution. Sheet vinyl is inexpensive compared to other types of flooring, such as wood or tile, considering it is the most inexpensive material to manufacture. Since it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to install, costs for a professional installation is very affordable. Installing your own vinyl flooring is always an option as well, however you will need the proper tools and equipment. You will also need to guarantee the floor your installing isn’t wet before starting as to not lock in moisture under the vinyl creating mold. If you’re unsure, the professionals at Murray Floor and Window Coverings can help, and they offer the NatureForm™ process for vinyl flooring where moisture is present. Contact them today for professional tips and installation.


Flooring does not get more resilient and durable than vinyl. Choosing vinyl floors allows you to give your home a long lasting yet cost efficient look, making it an ideal choice for many home owners. Vinyl flooring is water resistant which makes it the best options for areas such as your bathroom and kitchen. The vinyl flooring material does not easily scratch or gouge unlike other more delicate flooring such as wood, and will not bust like tile or marble, so its highly suitable for common living areas also. If you’re looking for added protection, Murray Floor and Window Coverings offers their protective Guardian® process to preserve the beauty of your vinyl without the worries of harming it in the future. Vinyl flooring does not wear quickly in very high traffic areas, and may be suitable for a business setting where customers are constantly in and out. Given that it can withstand years of wear and tear it’s a perfect choice for your home as well. If installed properly, vinyl flooring can provide you with durable and long lasting floors.


Vinyl flooring is not only affordable and durable, but it gives you countless design options to choose from as well. Vinyl flooring is very similar to linoleum, however it is more rigid and therefore sold in sheets instead of rolls, allowing you to choose different designs for different rooms. It can also mimic other materials such as wood and tile, giving off the appearance of a more luxurious flooring without the expense. If you aren’t going for a wood or tile look for your home, vinyl also comes in solid colors and countless designed patterns to give your home the perfect unique look. Despite the design you choose, cleaning vinyl never changes, and simply sweeping it before damp mopping is time saving and effortless. With so many benefits to choosing vinyl floors, it’s easy to see why it’s remained a popular choice in homes still today.

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