The Many Benefits of Hunter Douglas Blackout Shades

Murray Floor & Window Coverings of Billings, MT are here to tell you about the many benefits of Hunter Douglas blackout shades.

If you are having an issue with light seeping in through your windows and window treatments and disrupting your day or your sleep, blackout shades could be the perfect solution. Let Murray Floor & Window Coverings, located in Billings, Montana, show you the many benefits of Hunter Douglas blackout shades.

Light Control
First and foremost, blackout and room-darkening shades will provide you with the highest level of light control available. While a complete blackout of light with just window treatments is impossible, Hunter Douglas products feature room-darkening fabrics and blackout options that allow you to make the window treatments in your home as close to a complete blackout as possible. All Hunter Douglas products will give you some level of light control, but some styles and materials offer more. Light control options allow you to keep the light out of your home when you do not want natural light, but still give you the easy functionality and effortless style of a Hunter Douglas window treatment, truly putting you in control of the lighting in your home.

Material Options
Many Hunter Douglas products are designed specifically for light control. These products typically feature opaque materials and thicker fabrics. The opaque materials, like hardwood, hybrid woods, and vinyl, and opaque fabrics will provide you with immediate light control and significantly decrease the light in your home. With additional customization, like the de-light™ feature that stops light from seeping through holes and seams in blinds and shades, these window treatments can get as close to a full blackout as possible. Though there are many light control products available, this does not mean that your style choices are limited to just those products. If you prefer a window treatment that features materials and textures that do not offer light control, you do not have to settle for something you do not like. Hunter Douglas window treatments can be customized to meet all of your needs. If you fall in love with a fabric that isn’t thick enough to block out light, many different types of liners can be added to your window treatments.

In addition to offering incredible light control and a wide range of style options, Hunter Douglas blackout shades will not only provide you with convenience, they will also provide you with money-saving insulation on your windows. Because light control fabrics, or fabrics with liners, are heavier than other options, these products will significantly decrease the amount of temperature transfer that occurs through your windows. This will keep the temperature of your home more regulated, and it will help decrease the amount of money you pay every month for heating and cooling your home.

Available Products
Hunter Douglas room-darkening fabrics and blackout options are available with many different products, so your personal style is unrestricted. Duette® Honeycomb shades, Roman Shades, Woven Wood shades, and Silhouette® Window shadings are a few of the products that are available with room-darkening fabrics. Parkland® genuine hardwood blinds, EverWood® alternative wood blinds, and Modern Precious Metals® aluminum blinds are all products that are available with the de-Light™ blackout options.

As you can see, the benefits of Hunter Douglas blackout and room-darkening shades are significant. These room-darkening options provide you with unmatched levels of light control throughout your home without restricting your style. If you are interested in these blackout or room-darkening products, the experts at Murray Floor & Window Coverings, serving Billings, Montana and the surrounding area, are here to help. Contact us today.