What Colors Blinds Should I Choose?


The first consideration when choosing blinds should be how long you intend to keep them. If you plan on selling you home within the next few years, or if you like to redecorate but don’t want to change the blinds, then it is best to pick neutral colors that match the home and will match your style for years to come. Most often these will be white, off-white or wood stained looks that match the trim in the home. If choosing shutters, you want to match your woodwork so closely that the frame and shutter appear to be one piece. For mini blinds, white or off-white are the most commonly chosen colors. For wood blinds, white, off-white, or wood stain to match the wood work of the room is what is most fashionable and neutral. For Luminettes and Silhouettes, once again, neutral colors are your best bet. If you are choosing woven woods, roman shades, or honeycomb, more colors and patterns are available. Here you will want to pick colors and designs that match your décor. It is important to consider when you will redecorate and if you will change your blinds at that time.


Often the decision on which color to choose can be made simpler by considering a few things. First of all, dark mini blinds or wood blinds can show a lot of dust. So much so that many customers who thought they would like dark blinds, now report that if they had to choose again they would choose something lighter. To make dusting easier, use the brush vacuum attachment. If dusting blinds is not something you want to deal with, you may want to choose roman shades, woven woods, or honeycomb shades. The second thing to consider is brightness. Dark blinds help keep out more light and are easy to look through. They give a cozy homey feel to the room. Light blinds let in more light and have a cheerier, brighter feel. Light blinds can also make your room look larger. Another thing to consider is the outside look of your home. Even though it is perfectly acceptable to have different blinds in different rooms, you don’t want the blinds to look so mismatched from the outside of the house that each window looks different. Consider what the outside look will be for each side of the house and try to create a fairly uniform look for windows that can be seen at the same time.

And lastly, remember that most people will not directly notice the color of your blinds. When picking out several things for remodeling or when first decorating a home, it is easy to get caught up in all the decisions you need to make. Once the room is decorated, people rarely pick out details such as the color of the blinds to notice, but take in the overall ambiance of a room.

So don’t stress yourself out. Pick what you like and trust your decision. You can also get the advice of a window fashion professional at Murray floor & window covering. The best in window fashions by Hunter Douglas in Billings, Montana.

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