The Advantages of Motorized Window Treatments


One of the many benefits of PowerView® Motorization is simplicity. The PowerView® system can be paired with a wide range of Hunter Douglas products and utilized in any space for more efficiency. Because the PowerView® system is fully automated with the use of the Pebble™ Remote Control, the Pebble™ Scene Controller, and the PowerView® App you can control your shades and blinds from any area in the house without ever having to move. Simply click a button or select a scene and whichever shades you want to adjust will adjust. Similar to the Pebble™ Remote and Scene Controller, the PowerView® App gives you even more simplicity. This app gives you the ability to program a schedule for your shades so you can enjoy your window treatments without giving them a second thought.


Another major benefit of PowerView® Motorization is the security it will add to your home. You may be wondering, how PowerView™ Motorization could keep your home safe, and the answer is really quite simple. Automation. Automation is one of the most helpful and important things you can do to prevent burglaries in your home. Automation is the electronic and automatic control of the features in your home, like your window treatments. With the PowerView™ Motorization operation system you can program a schedule for your window treatments, like making them lower and raise every few hours, that will make it appear as though someone is in your home. This simple use of automation will help protect your home and your family’s safety because homes that appear to be inhabited are less likely to be victims of burglaries and other crimes. PowerView Motorization also integrates easily with most popular home automation systems.

Money Savings

In addition to the above benefits, PowerView® Motorization will allow you to save money. Because this operation system allows you to set a schedule of operation for your window treatments you can choose to lower and raise your shades to prevent heat and cold air from entering the house, thus saving yourself money on heating and cooling costs. In the summer you can program your shades to open in the mornings when you wake up, close in the middle of the day when the temperature is its hottest, and then open again in the evening to allow for natural light but less heat transfer. By setting this schedule, you prevent heat from entering the home and reduce the amount of time that your air conditioning will have to run to maintain a steady internal temperature. The same preventative schedule can be set in the winter to retain heat in the home, thus saving you money on both your heating and cooling costs.

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