Home Automation and PowerView® Motorization

Home automation is a great way to add the ease and advantages of technology throughout your entire home. Here at Murray Floor and Window Coverings, your number one choice for window treatments in Billings, Montana, we want you to know how attainable and simple home automation, like Hunter Douglas’ PowerView® Motorization, can be.

The Ease of Automation

Home automation is an incredible advancement in technology that allows you to control features of your home through smart devices and smart home apps. Many home automation systems can be paired with computers, iPads, cell phones, or basic remote controls. Home automation gives you the power to control your home with the touch of a button, giving you an added sense of security, and ultimately making your life more convenient.

There are many different types of home automation, some more advanced than others, but all incredibly helpful in your life. Almost every aspect of your home can be automated, temperature control, light control, music control, home security control, and control of your window treatments are all ways that you can bring your home into the future. Smart home technology has grown in the markets over the past few years and can now be optimized in any home at a reasonable price. Because the home automation field has become so advanced so quickly, the installation, system setup, and maintenance of these products is incredibly manageable for people of all ages. Home automation is not just for the tech-savvy or a dream of the future, it is something that is attainable now, and waiting for you to take advantage of.

PowerView Motorization

PowerView® Motorization is a great first step if you are considering adding home automation in your home. Use this operation system to add simplicity to your life, save money, and provide your home with added safety. Put the power to control all the window treatments in your home at your fingertips with this award winning operation system that is available with a wide range of Hunter Douglas products. Rather this be your first piece of home automation technology or your fourth or fifth, the PowerView® Motorization system allows you to stay connected to your home in many different ways. Use this operation system by itself or pair it with any of these wonderful home automation systems. PowerView® Motorization is compatible with Nest®IFTTTLogitech®Control4®URC®ELAN®Savant®RTI, and Crestron®.

If home automation is something you are ready to consider, Murray Floor and Window Coverings is ready to answer questions you may have about Hunter Douglas’ revolutionary operation system. Call or set up an appointment with one of our window treatment experts and let us help you take that first step into the future with your motorized window treatments.

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