Decorating with Window Shades

Energy Efficient

The beauty of Hunter Douglas products is the fact that most of them are energy efficient treatments or can be altered with a lining to offer even more UV protection. Not only are their shades cost effective in saving you money on your bills, but they are also a stylish option that offers the latest in window treatment trends. Honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas provide your home with cellular technology that covers your windows gracefully with sheer fabric and cellular folds to layer your windows and trap in heat or air. From brightly colored sheer fabrics to dark shades or even whites, Honeycomb shades are a fashionable and affordable treatment that will benefit your home for years to come.

Lots of Fabric

If you love to cover your window treatments in a lot of fabric and elaborate yet elegant designs, Roman shades are the perfect fit. These shades naturally add a sense of sophistication to your home with layers of fabric folds to give your windows proper coverage and a stylish fashion statement at the same time. Available in thick or sheer fabrics and a variety of textures, you can select the amount of coverage you prefer while still choosing modern print designs or bold colors to energize your home, for example the Design Studio™ series. Pair Roman shades with a beneficial operating system that can be adjusted for optimal privacy or light control and give your home even more efficiency and style.

Keep It Simple

When you prefer a window treatment that provides adequate coverage without thick fabrics for completely blocking out sunlight all together, you’re best to keep it simple with the modern Hunter Douglas Roller shades. These treatments give your home an up-to-date and modern feel with their easy to use operating systems that adjust by simply pulling up or down with your hand. They can also easily be motorized with the PowerView™ operating system for the ultimate in home automation. While Roller shades seem like a simple idea that won’t add much décor to your home, reconsider by checking out such lines as the Designer Roller shades or even select a different texture with The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades.

Barely There

If you want more light inside your home but still want to cover your windows so they don’t look bare, consider the Hunter Douglas line of sheers and shadings to help protect your space without shutting out light completely. For example, Silhouette® shades offer two sheers complete with adjustable fabric vanes in between, allowing you to diffuse light or block it depending on what you desire. This line of sheers come in a variety of colors, giving you the option to style your home with less fabric but still have fashion forward window treatments. With designs like the vertically oriented Luminette® shades for larger doors and windows or the new Pirouette® line of sheers that offer 44 new colors for the 2016 spring line, you won’t be disappointed with the array of options Hunter Douglas offers. And for an even more beneficial sheer design, consider the Nantucket™ series that offers 3” fabric vanes to help block sun as well as an optional fabric backing for overall UV protection.

Natural Comfort

The natural beauty that Hunter Douglas produces with their line of Woven Wood shades is fashionable but also comforting and can add a relaxed tone to any room. These shades are extremely strong and can withstand years of use without fading or buckling in the sun considering they are constructed from durable woods and grasses. These are a perfect shade for casual style in your home, however they do not lack in design with an available Roman and Roller shade as well as edge banding and valances to help customize your window treatments to fit your needs. For more on the benefits of Woven Wood or other window shades in Billings Montana, contact the experts at Murray Floor and Window Coverings for a consultation on which shade is best for decorating your home or office.

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